About us

Decimis is a family-owned business, founded in 2014. Our network of local industry professionals provides veteran technical expertise with great value, responsive communications, and fast turnaround times.

Why choose Decimis?

Working with Decimis brings several major competitive advantages to your business:

Extensive industry expertise

Each member of the Decimis team has at least a decade of experience and are true veterans of the tech industry. These team members are also all high achievers and output work of the highest quality. Whether it's carefully designing your website's conversion pipeline design, creating buttons that are easy for customers to find and click, or optimizing your app's loading speed - our team has you covered.

Responsive communications

The most common feedback we get from clients is high praise of our communication skills. We take great pride in offering fast and friendly customer service to all of our clients. Day, night, weekday, or weekend, we have your back!

Strategic vision

Not only does the Decimis team have top skills, but importantly we're also well-rounded - especially when it comes to strategic vision. We're well-equipped to accurately advise your company on the best fit when it comes to your business and digital properties. No matter if you're just getting started or are a company that's been around for decades, we can help you plan out your digital future with the long-term in mind.

Chuck Mallott, SPS Commerce

"Above and beyond my expectations"

"I was fortunate enough to have Matthew from Decimis on my Overnight Website Challenge team as we worked to launch a website for a local non-profit organization in just 24 hours. I was so impressed with Matthew's technical leadership and his ability to work quickly and efficiently. Throughout the project, Matthew was always one step ahead of me, thinking about the next critical step in our journey. What he was able to deliver went well above and beyond my expectations.In my estimation, Matthew's professionalism and his ability to solve problems is unparalleled. I would highly recommend Decimis for any project."

- Chuck Mallott, SPS Commerce

Matthew Vogel, President

Meet our president

Our president, Matthew Vogel, founded Decimis in 2014. He started out as a self-taught programmer in the early 2000's, and has since delved deeply into the tech industry. His broad industry experience with coastal startups, Fortune 500 enterprises, and midwest small businesses has honed his leadership and technical skills, allowing him to tackle projects both big and small with Decimis and his trusted network of local industry experts.

Matthew strongly believes in the values of hard work and honest business. As a family-owned company, Decimis provides a supportive work environment with high achieving team members who support family values.

Matthew lives happily in central Minnesota with his wife and two (soon to be three!) children. His three year old daughter enjoys "running meetings" and typing on her keyboard in the Decimis office.

He makes a point of personally getting to know all of Decimis' clients, and always strives to deliver great value and first-rate customer service. Reach out today to meet Matthew and learn more about the Decimis team!

Linda Abel-Thomas, St. Patrick Church

"Second to none"

"St. Patrick's staff and community LOVE our website! I had no idea a website could do so much and that I would be capable of learning how to use it (create and keep updated) with ease. All through the process the customer service was second to none - questions and concerns were promptly addressed. I would recommend Decimis and Matthew Vogel to anyone in need of creating or maintaining their website!"

- Linda Abel-Thomas, St. Patrick Church

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